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Everything You Should Know About Card Linking Offers

Umair Usama

11 July 2022

Card Linking is a process that is seamless for the members / customers: once they have registered their card on the platform, they’ll become eligible for any relevant offers.

What Is Card Linking?

Card Linking is a process that is seamless for the members / customers: once they have registered their card on the platform, they’ll become eligible for any relevant offers. Customers can also register multiple cards (Debit or Credit ) in most programs.

Partners that offer Card Linking activities have significant data security measures for obvious reasons.Customers when registering their cards on the program are also giving permission for partners to track information. For this reason card linking remains most prevalent in the retail banking sector, where the bank has access to transactional information.

What Are Card Linked Offers?

Card-Linked Offers (CLOs) are offers in the form of cashback or discounts. These offers are available for consumers who have linked their credit or debit card to an app, website, platform, or loyalty programs.

A card linked offer is the process of providing customers with targeted offers based on their purchase behavior. In other words, businesses can essentially use a customer’s card transactions to understand their likes, needs, hobbies, and favorite merchants. Once the cardholder uses their enrolled card to make a qualifying purchase, they receive a certain amount of bonus points, cash back or statement credits.

Card Linked Offer Partners, also offer in-store cashback and in-store shopping development through card-linked offers. In-store shopping is critical for marketers to understand and penetrate This helps to bridge the gap between online-to-offline shopping, taking coupons and other forms of instore rewards into the back end where customers can accrue their cashback and deals without having to pull an offer up on their screen to be scanned. This is an omni channel experience.

For brands and consumers concerned about the safety and privacy of their information, rest assured CLO affiliates have plenty of precautions in place, including:

  • Working with well-known and credible financial institutions and large travel companies
  • Placing compliance as a top priority
  • Implementing lengthy contract deals with banking institutions
  • Adding layers of bank-level security / PCI Compliant

How are brands partnering with CLO affiliates?

Every brand has different goals, individual KPIs and needs. CLO affiliates provide a portfolio of solutions and an ample amount of flexibility to help accomplish any brand’s goals.

For example:

A brand that cares more about average order value or cart size. The CLO partner can create offers for “spend $100 or more and get $5 as cashback”. These offers can be customized according to brands’ needs and help them to accomplish their results.

Not only is the consumer winning, but so is the brand.

Benefits of working with Card Link Offer partners:

  • Providing a larger reach
  • Driving in-store sales (in addition to online)
  • Bringing in revenue almost immediately
  • Rewarding customers on both the online and offline channels (Omni channel approach)

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