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How GrowthOps Performance delivered a record-breaking, award winning affiliate campaign

Jenny Pham

30 May 2024

Discover how GrowthOps Performance teamed up with Lancôme and Cashrewards to deliver record-breaking sales and a generous donation to charity.

For the second year in a row, GrowthOps Performance, Lancôme, and Cashrewards' astounding partnership strategy won “Best Use of Cashback or Incentive” at the 2023 Global Performance Marketing Awards.

The Goal:

In a groundbreaking initiative, our goal was to deliver a successful sales growth campaign while maintaining the Lancôme brand's luxurious essence and driving a generous charity donation for Starlight Children's Foundation.

Our Strategy:

Teaming up with with Lancôme and Cashrewards, we carefully crafted an affiliate campaign that would leverage Lancôme’s unique promotion for a limited time while highlighting Cashrewards' and Starlight’s buy-to-donate initiative.

The Results:

The outcome speaks for itself: $1.15M in revenue in only one day — a record-breaking campaign result marking one of the best-performing partnership campaigns of the year. Moreover, our campaign with Cashrewards and Lancôme generated an estimated donation of $5,000 in support of Starlight Children’s Foundation’s initiatives.

In addition to record-breaking results, our partnership strategy earned the"Best Use of Cashback or Incentive" award at the 2023 Global Performance Marketing Awards for the second year running.

“The achievement of this award speaks to a level of commitment that goes beyond just execution; it embodies the passion and dedication that fuel a strong campaign,” says Jenny Pham, Senior Affiliate Account Manager at GrowthOps Performance.

Not just a testament to our innovative approach in affiliate marketing, this award is a story of breaking records and making a difference — one we intend to contiunue telling through future campaigns and partnerships.

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